50 shades of Grey by E.L. James

I think you know something is wrong when you keep staring at the number of the page, reading wondering how far are you from finishing it?..

-Or when the line “later, babe” it’s a favorite quote, for that matter.

Like, really?


BTW!  I didn’t know it but you should be warned:

This is the all-humans and into-BDSM twilight version.

With a lot of lip biting-don’t bite your lip, holy cow-holy shit-holy crap- holy fuck- holy hell, Jeez, and more annoying repetitions all the way.

But I have to admit, I have mixed feelings towards this book.

I did not like it but I did finish it, I did not like it but am in fact going to read 50 shades darker (later, much later) and I did not like it for several reasons.


Christian. He needs to change his doctor and get some real therapy.


Ana. She behaves like a 14 year old little spoiled clueless bitch.

Plotlessness. Not that I read heart-destroying-soul-shattering books regularly, but c’mon! The sex. I mean, I like books with sex scenes -good ones btw- but all these guys did was hump each other nonstop, there was no life outside of that.


The first Person. I did not like the way it was used.

The Stupid approach given to BDSM. (since even I know that it was a really silly bdsm) But the fact that he wants “punish” and slap her because he loves her and she’s all for it




The “humor”.  Oh them’ poor jokes, oh poor jokes.



I was all




What I did like: NOT ONE THING – but then again, I did indeed finish it! so that has to count for something (hopefully not my insanity).


I’m gonna go and say this was a guilty pleasure.


Because overall if I had been Ana, Mr Grey I would have kindly..



And yes I am reading the sequel but am only looking for the redemption of the author since this time I did read some reviews and seems like I should give it a chance -and see if after those slaps Ana finally acts her 22 years old and hopefully slaps Christian, just cause he deserves it. And because I want a extraordinarily good explanation about why he is so fucked up he can’t be touched in the chest-. No expectations though.

I know I’m just setting myself up for disappointment

But I already bought them assholes books.


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