Hi, there!

Hello, my name is Elianne Ferrer. I’m 18 years old and I’m from Maracay, Venezuela. In advance I apologize if I make any grammar or other writing mistakes, since my maternal language is no English I bound to make some at some point. That being said, I chose to write my blog in English because it is the universal language, and therefore I can communicate with more people than just by speaking in Spanish  though if you  want to talk to me in that language I’m all up for it.

I study Social Communication in my country which is the equivalent of Journalism in others. Though I do like doing researches, interviews and all kind of works that are done in mass media, my focus is definitely not only on that aspect of my career. To be honest, what I like to do most is getting t know people, their culture, their way of thinking. I tend to be a positivist, a critical and an active person, although I do enjoy just lazing around. I’m also interested in tourism and books, specially novellas. I’m not religious though I believe in god, so you’ll often find me criticizing it. I believe politics is one of the nastiest careers in the world, and you’ll also be seeing  posts that comment my opinions towards certain political matters or figures. So you’ll find mostly this types of subjects in my blog.

I hope you enjoy it, thanks if you’re taking the time to read this blog and do not hesitate to contact me. xo! EF


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