Rock me by Cherrie Lynn

This is just my point of view for those of you who are going to read this book: it’s a nice story, about a hot tattooed and pierced guy with a sweet heart and a 23-year-virgin (who doesn’t act like an 18th century girl put in today’s world, so cheers to the author) who’s trying to cut the cord from her bitch of a mom and obnoxious family; and how they try to stay together amongst their objections (and Candace’s insecurities). It is not a bad book, it just wasn’t that hot for me. But still, it was nice.

I think my problem with this book wasn’t actually the book in itself, it had more to do with the fact that I read so many reviews praising it non-stop that I was expecting much, much more.
Brian, yes, hot loveable guy, those rough body-warm heart types. Candance, I didn’t have as many problems with her as I expected, at the end I guess she did the silly little cute thing to do if you love someone.
But when I finished reading it, I was left feeling like I didn’t really know them, and I didn’t even know at which point did they fall in love. It felt kinda’ empty for me about how the love between those two developed. Again, probably just me. But hell, this is my review.

Maybe it also had to do with the fact that I had just finished reading a Kristen Ashley book, so her long complicated hooot rough blunt novel -in this case, At Peace- may have been the thing that made me see it as lacking.

But in any case, I repeat: not bad, just not that much for me.


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