Sempre by J.M. Darhower

Sempre is the story of Carmine, a tempered boy with a scarred and beaten heart due to the life he has had to endure because of his dad’s association with the Italian maffia and their involvement in his mom’s death. He doesn’t get along in school, doesn’t get along with his dad and does not want to have anything to do with love.
And the story of Haven, a 17 year old slave. Yes, a slave. She is not an ignorant, but is fairly naive for her age because of the secluded life she has held. She endures, she does not live; she takes her punches, can never fight back; and her worst fear is hope.
They will find each other and will complement the other in such basic and complete ways it will make you believe in everything marvellous. They will come against so many obstacles it’ll bring tears to your eyes. They will form a bond so pure and strong you’ll feel it to your very soul.
Thanks to Haven, Carmine will find the desire to live he had lost, and she will get the courage to live her life thanks to him. He will find love and she will hope, and it won’t feel wrong anymore, it’ll feel perfectly right. And you’ll get so involved in their story you won’t realize you finished the book until you notice it doesn’t really have an ending, but a new beginning.

I loved how it made me question my feelings and my preconceived thoughts and opinions towards different matters. It made me even start making new questions and learning lessons never to forget. It’s one of those books where you can find several memorable quotes and sayings, and oh, so precious Italian phrases!

Breathtakingly beautiful heart twisting story. Totally worth every page, every penny, every tear and every hour that passed with me completely immerse in it. My 4 stars are due to one death that broke my heart, and the fact that I needed an ending, so if it gets a second part I’ll read it and then up this review the final star it deserves.


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