Playing for Keeps (A Neighbor from Hell #1) by R.L. Mathewson

I just finished this book!  And, oh, what an incredibly sweet silly funny beautiful gooshey and even hot read!

This is the story of Haley, a passive cute shy teacher who happens to live next to Jason, an immature hot overly-obsessed-with-food heart of gold teacher, who happens to work just in a classroom next to Hayley.

They have a “rough” past, with him being a jerk and her being to shy to put him in his place. An event occurs that makes them star being civil towards one and other. Then, they begin to be friends, and the author gives us many, many loveable and laugh-at-loud moments.

I loved how boyish Hayley’s preferences and attitudes could be, specially because she was still all girl. And even though I thought I’d wouldn’t like Jason, because well, I tend to only like alpha males; he swept me off my feet, with all his funny as hell food attachments, his immature ways that somehow still fail to make you see him as a boy, and oh how he saw Hayley, how he treated her and talked to her or about her. Just absolutely delicious! (Yeah,and he gets possessive of her -so maybe that influenced my loving him- but in a perfect way! Not in an über I’ll-boss-you-around-and-you’ll-obey-me-without-a-second-thought)

They tease each other, fight each other, protect each other, feed each other, do most things together and many other couple-ish things. They’re one of those pair of friends who are more like husband and wife than friends; in fact, they even end up sleeping together without doing anything more than sleep. Of course with time they can’t hold back the fire that’s been igniting since their first bickering, and it all keeps being goofy, sweet, laugh-your-arse-off, and even somewhat hot from there.

Oh! And I should mention it’s not really as light as you may think! I mean, it is, but it does have some depth, it even got me teary-eyed a couple of times.
And though it keeps a smile on your face for most of it’s lasting, nothing like the ever-loving-huge-grin that leaves on your face after you finish it. Gotta love books that make you happy and all gooshey!

Btw, my rating is based on the genre of the book, so keep that in mind if you compare it to other 5 stars I’ve given.

That being said, I looved this book so much I think I’m getting the second book of the series this week! Definitely looking forward to read more of this author!


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