Going too far by Jennifer Echols

I am amazed at how short this book is but how intense it got. I’m giving it a 4.5 but it’s not easy to rate it.

This is the story of Meg and John, two people very alike and yet so different, who will find themselves drawn to each other from the very beginning.

Meg is a wild child, a blue haired girl who comes off as a rebel but has many internal insecurities, she even thinks to herself as not worthy of John’s attention in the beginning (but not in an emo kind of way, thankfully.) And John is a Do-Gooder, he wants to help Meg not to keep on the bad path she’s going and he can be really hard with her, but he came across to me as such a sweetheart about his intentions, that his protective and possessive ways towards her were not as inexcusable as she wanted to make herself believe in the beginning.

Their most treacherous similarity is the ever living fear of getting hurt, Meg will hide behind sex, and John will hide behind his duty as a cop. But their fears are not vain induced, their reasons run so deep you’ll get a couple of cry-worthy-shocks. Their differences however is what seems to be what will end up tearing them apart.

“(…)I think you‟re scared to live life, and you‟re putting that on me.”
“Just the opposite. You feel guilty for planning to leave town. You‟re trying to turn it around and make me feel like an idiot for staying.” 

This would be what you think this book is all about: Two people who like each other but since at the end they’ll break apart, they’re struggling to come to terms with how to make something work between them in the little mean time. Well, it is not.

It has some heavy making the other doubt what they believe in, and though it gets hard and tough and they hurt each other in the process, it’s all due to the fact that they care so deeply, they want to help the other. It’s not just about if Meg wants to move away and John doesn’t, is why they do, is how they fight their demons, how they try to battle with the other’s, is so much more.

I didn’t give it a five stars mainly because at times I had to struggle with the author’s writing, even understanding the dialogues. As a reader I don’t appreciate having to make double or triple takes to understand some parts. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I am not a native English-speaker, but hey I’ve managed quite well with lots of others. Still, it was at points hard for me but maybe it was just me. And though it was, it did not take anything away from such a beautiful story. I’ll definitely get another book from Jennifer Echols.


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