Bared To You by Sylvia Day

I read somewhere that this book was written inspired in 50 Shades, well, dear author, keep doing justice to good stories that were ruined! While 50 Shades was poorly written, Bared To You has some serious well put together sentences to paragraphs to chapters to a whole hot and intense sweet book. While 50S has a leading female who is a silly 14 year old in the body of a woman, Eva is a strong yet deeply sensitive woman who thinks and acts as one. While 50S has a man who needs to beat his woman, Bared To You has Gideon, a man who only wants his woman’s trust -and undying, unbreakable, everlasting love- while needing to possess her body -and giving us in the process of conquering it, some seriously hot sex scenes (another difference from 50S)-.

I liked 50 Shades, the idea behind it, what I believe the author wanted to create, what could have been of Ana, what Christian could have refrained from doing. But with Bared To You, I felt the author just did everything right, when I needed Eva to stand up, she did; when I needed him to be with her, he was; when I needed them to make me believe it was right, they did; when I needed the sex to stop and the speaking to start, it did; when I shouldn’t have been distracted and pissed with pointless repetitions, I wasn’t. My point: Bared to You people, is a great book in itself, with high worth in itself and with hotness in itself. Don’t refrain from reading it just because you read it had something to do with 50 Shades, and if you liked 50, then believe me, You-Have-To-Read-This-Book

Quick this-is-what-this-book-is-about:
Eva is starting a new job, she is 24 and has an amiable yet solid personality. She has a sweetheart for a best friend -who is everybody’s wish for a BFF, I must add- and they are starting fresh in New York while living together. Enter Gideon Cross, hot, blunt, distant, self-possessed guy who chases Eva up-front since he sees her. And after some steaminess in the first part you get to see he’s not only a successful business man, but he is passionate and willing to make some changes in his life for the sake of being with Eva, not by changing who he is, but by letting her in, in his world, and making us girls feel the love for hard solid guys who turn to hawt fire yet being mush with the woman of his fondness –everyone’s dream for a boyfriend!-. But there’s a catch, of course, they’re damaged beyond believe. Not intensely and openly fucked-up, but they have scars that run miles deep and with motive, Jesus, the things she’s been through! And as for him, we only get to know he is, but Sylvia doesn’t let us know the reason just yet.
So, this book is about two normal people who are actually badly messed-up on the inside and how they struggle to stay together even when want and love seem to not be enough. But believe me when I tell you, there’s much, much more to this books than just that, starting with the fact that it ignites you to the very core.

I think what I liked the most wasn’t Gideon’s possessiveness (and that alone is saying a looot), but rather how sincere was the relationship between him and Eva, they say what they’re feeling in the given time not when it’s pointless and they’ve already hurt the other; also, I loved how they’re meant for each other, as simple as that, and admit it without playing stupid games. They need each other in such a raw way you can feel the love, their need and their desperation for maybe not being able to be together in your pores and in your chest and all around inside. I can tell you I didn’t cry, but my knuckles where panting for release when I finished it.

I think the only thing I didn’t like about this book was the name Gideon, although the man in itself took my apprehension away, so there goes the only down I would have given it.

Definitely a book worth reading, but I probably should have waited to read it when I already had the second book since now I’ll be anxious for some time while I get the other one. So there’s my warning. And, oh! Also, watch out for falling for Gideon, I mean it ;).


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