Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

Just finished this book for the second time and I gotta tell you, I think I love it even more now, if that’s even possible.
I think the only down side is that I did not intended to read it again and still did. See, I sometimes go back to books I’ve adored and search trough their pages and go to the best parts of it, that remind me how good the story was or how much I liked this or that. With Kristen Ashley’s books, I cannot do that. I can try, but it’s useless, once you read a few pages you’re hooked no matter how many times you’ve read it, and you’re hooked until the very end because every freaking scene has something great in it!
In this book we get the story of “Red” and “Tack”, she’s a bit of a neat-freak trying to build on a new life, she has sass and heart and is a great heroin; and he’s, well, a motorcycle man with a goatee, he owns a Biker Club and drives a Harley and who’s sexy badassness makes your knees go weak even if you’re laying down. She has quitting issues, and he has temper ones. She wants to work and prove herself, he wants to get in her bed or get her in his(again) and he messes with her head a bit in the process.
Now, Tack, he comes off as a Jerk at first but he’s a badass sweetheart (with brains too! btw) who will show it in his own way, repeatedly. I tell you this because he is not you flowers and wine kind of guy, he’s rough, blunt and down to earth, he knows what he wants, does not stops until he gets it, and he can go in the too-much side (not that I mind his kind of much) while attempting to get it. He can get scary but never in a frightening way (at least with Tyra) and let me tell you, there is just something to be said about a man who claims what he wants, fights for it and works hard at keeping it his. And yes my friends, I am in love with Tack and am not afraid to admit it. And believe me, you will too when you finish this book.
Again, is not a matter of how beautifully put the words are made into sentences in this book, or how polished every paragraph was. It’s a matter of how good the story is (not in the quality side, but on the entertaining one), how it get’s you hooked, makes you high on excitement and joy while you’re reading it and gives you warm feelings all around when you finish it. Hell, even while you’re at it.
And girls this book is not only about love and bad people trying to get to Tyra and Tack, this book is HOT. As in, really, freaking, perfectly, awesomely hooot!
Also, Motorcycle Man has amazing second characters! All the ones on the previous books on the series (whom I abso-freaking-lutely adore). Also other scary hot biker dudes, Tack’s “brothers”. Not to mention Tack’s son Rush and daughter Tabby who are both hugely loveable. Oh! and Lannie who’s Tyra’s best friend and her fiancé Elliot, both main reasons why most things in the book happen. And even annoying and hugely to-hate-hard characters like Tack’s ex wife Naomi, and ex lover BeeBee.
You don’t need to have read the prior books btw, but you’ll definitely, I guarantee you (if you’re into alpha-males with warm hearts and good stories), will be dying to get your hands on all the others!
I don’t think this is the best review ever made by me, but it’s just not about writing well, this book is all about feeling, and boy does it make you feel! 16.3 stars in a scale of one to three. LOOVE ITT!


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