Preservation by Rachel Wade


 Here’s a review I made on an ebook book I got my hands on recently:

Preservation by Rachel Wade, well, WHAT A GREAT READ!

This is a story about Ryan, a man whore due to a pretty ugly break up he had. And Kate, a woman with settling down issues. But they get together, and they fall for each other, literally. It’s told from Kate’s point of view, and this pretty much sums it up:

[This is](…) a love story about how I met Ryan. How he stole my running shoes and put reality in perspective for me. In the most infuriating, blindingly beautiful way possible, a way that only he could. And how I wrestled with his influence until the inevitable instilled me with a brand new kind of fear: regret.

The only down for me is that we don’t -I didn’t, at least- get to experience how the actually fall in love. It normally doesn’t work for me when the H&h jump each other and then all of the sudden confess having strong feelings for the other. It wasn’t huge of a let down though, the author more than makes it up from 40% through the book with the development of their romance. 

They had bumps in the road and believable couple-like problems. And when I say they fall for the other I meant it in every way of the sentence! Not only do they love one another, but they also end up making mistakes that hurt each other gravely. To this point, the quote I put earlier (which is placed on the beginning of the book) had my heart squeezing, thinking it would all end horribly wrong. But we actually get a great open HEA!

Oh, and I absolutely loved Carter and Dean! But I wasn’t a huge fan on the whole thing about them being somewhat in-love with her. It was kind of strange for it to even go on until the end of the book. Would’ve been less awkward and more believable for me if it was only mentioned on the first stages or if it was pointed that whatever, it was just platonic friendly love. But that’s me, and it didn’t take anything from the wonderful book.

I laugh, I got angry, I got happy, it even made me cry! Has hotness and sweetness to it. Great book!

Here’s a stand-out quote I adored: 
All the life one wall’s absence brings into this room. It overwhelmed me, penetrating walls of my own, enticing the life behind them to brave its way through the rubble and seek its own spectacular view of the world. One with its own ocean and setting sun, signaling the promise of a future sunrise, another day. Picking my phone back up, I scrolled to Ryan’s number and pressed “delete.”


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