Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

I’m sorry, but this book did not work for me. It could have been great, but I found it quite boring.
But I do believe it is due strictly to personal preferences and not because of the book in it self.

You’ll see, I don’t have a problem with classics, in fact, I’m quite a Jane Austen lover, but there are so many freaking mentions and talks and conversations and name-callings, referring to Dante’s works, that it exhausted me. And it may not be that, as much as the fact that the book is somewhat of an adaptation of classicals in modern life. I mean, the author tried to make a modern story in which old courtship and love’s perceptions were portrayed, and it could have been good, but it did not work for me at all. It seemed forced and silly to behave and talk as Julia and Gabriel did most of the time, the dialogues were simply enough-talking-and-do-people! for me. It even got to the point where they talked so much it cut off the passion; Gabriel’s restraint unfortunately left me cold, not admiring his strength ’cause he was holding out for J. Also there’s the fact that the book goes on forever and I can understand that since most books from old literature are quite large, but it wouldn’t have hurt anyone if it was cut 90 pages or so short, since it is actually a 2011 book.

Nevertheless, I has to be said that I give kudos to the author for writing it since it clearly took a lot of time to make the characters believable (it makes you think you’re really reading about two experts on DAlighieri ). Also, it is one of those books that gives you tons of info into things you may have not known and can dig up, or music to listen to, books and stories to read, even places to visit and food to try out. And I Adore that, so thanks!

Unfortunately though, it didn’t make up for the fact that I failed to feel passion between the two main characters and I needed that. I felt their bond and mutual attraction for one another’s soul, but not really love. Do I even make sense? Maybe it had to do with the fact that they idealized the other too much and I like all things real -and passionate. Idk…

Oh! And Julianne’s innocence or whatever, the girl is freaking feather-light/glass-thin/rose-petal breakable. GOD! Grow a pair already woman. I don’t mind delicate heroines, but she was a bit of an extreme.

***Hmm, following may or may not contain spoilers.***

I want to approach too, the fact that Gabriel is a total ass and deserved to be punched twice in the head with a spoon, in the beginning of the book. And then all of the sudden she tells him she is wow! Beatrice (who she is not) and he, kaboom! sees the light with all and the choir and lights at the top of the church. Like what? I can’t believe that! I admit I have a weakness for bad boy turned good, but c’mmon the guy changes utterly and completely from one hour to the other all for the idealization he has on a girl who resembles the one who lived ages ago and who was Dante’s muse. And then he is so, so, so overly “sweet” and attentive that, christ! are you serious? I mean, … It just did not work for me. Period.

BUUT I strongly recommend everyone to read it and get their own impressions on this. Here’s only my point of view, you should read it to have your own.


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