Leave me breathless by Cherrie Lynn

I loved this one! What a great surprise!
I didn’t like Rock Me all that much, so when I picked this one up I did it trying to see if it was Cherrie Lynn or that book. And it was definitely the latter! You can check my review on that one to understand, but bottom line is I hate it when you hear so many good things about a book and get you hopes up and then it doesn’t live up to our expectations. Well, it didn’t happen with this one (though I did my best to avoid reading too many reviews praising it), at all.

The story line is somewhat the same: good girl falls for tattooed -hot, smoking sexy- guy. Prejudices come and misunderstandings -mostly self doubt-, only that in this one the issues seemed quite rational to me and the guys actually talked them out; I felt even if there were some things that could have been better approached it all came together quite nicely when the time was right as the whole thing developed.

All in all it had loveable somewhat relatable characters, great sex, gave me tears and laughter, made me dream with a sweet, hooot, -bad?- guy like Seth who is btw, not at all what you’d expect but yet he kind of is (gotta read it to understand me) but still he’ll grow big inside of your heart. Oh, I just loved him!!

It’s not a super light read nor is it a long intense one, it was just the thing I needed today. Not too superficial, not too angsty, not too mushy, not too overly sexual. I even noticed I enjoyed her writing, not too much description, not too much dialogue, good varying scenes. I don’t know, maybe I was just in the right mood but it all clicked big time with me.

Ooh, did I mentioned the’re hot together? Like HOT as in getting you hot as well? God how I needed passion after Gabriel’s -and my- Inferno!

Recommend it ten times to all you lovers of hot, good, modern, smokin’, cool, sexy, funny, great, romance stories. It definitely, at the risk of sounding totally lame, leaves you breathless!!


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