Creed by Kristen Ashley

Sylvie and Creed share a past both beautiful and incredibly hurtful. They loved each other to no end but were, by horrible circumstances, torn irrevocably apart. Until now, when Creed finds her and all the deep emotions she had buried surface again, and together they give us an emotional yet steamy story.
I really, really, liked this one. I’m a sucker for meant to be souls (not much the hurting parts, but there’s always some of that) who have been together since kids and find a way to be together while adults.
Creed was definitely much more likable than Knight for me. I didn’t have as many issues with him as I had with Sebring. BUT! Let me tell you I was even thinking on lowing a star to the first book in this series until I read this book. OMG did I fall in love with Knight! Hard. Supremely hard. After you read it you’ll get where I’m coming from.
So anyways, to every alpha male starved out there, strong heroine lover, and steamy emotional reads sucker, Creed is definitely the book for you!


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