Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Ok so before I grabbed this one I actually checked reviews, and I was surprised to see everyone either loved it or hated it. In fact, I relate to almost every rating two of my GR friends give, and each of them had a total different opinion about it. Needless to say, that intrigued me enough to pick it up (not to mention the title, I mean “beautiful bastard”, really? <3<3)

So yesterday I started it, and at first I didn’t like Bennett all that much, I was bothered by the fact that Chloe supposedly hated him but still opened up her legs wide for him, and stuff. And then the most horrible thing happened: the Cullen family (from Twilight) made an appearance, and to put it mildly I was annoyed.

However, I was liking where this two characters were going. I was even flushing with the sex, I must admit, and though the whole book did seem like a amateur written porn, I was liking it. Mostly because I was in the mood for exactly this kind of read: all things sex.

We get both Bennett and Chloe’s point of view through the whole book, and even if I liked that at times, it wasn’t necessary all the time.. However, it did help me to understand her train of thought at specific times I needed it, and to fall for Bennett as he realized (and expressed!!! Yes, kudos to a man who actually speaks his mind and heart) his feelings for her. That being said, it made the book be too long for my liking.

I had a few overall issues.
*Like the fact that Bennett’s voice wasn’t too believable for me, I mean, what man recognizes he’s feeling 4 different things at once and the reasons behind each, or over-analyzes everything as he does, etc.. I think it would’ve been better and more real if his POV had been written in the second person instead of the first.
*At the end it was tooo mushy mawkishness for me. Specially since it somehow came across as if he was more sweet that Chloe. I get girls like their man to be loving, but I have a bigger weakness for badasses who are only so at specific timeless times.. *sigh* So, no, it may probably work for you but I’m pointing put what did not for me.
*Also, the breaking point was sooooo silly. It wasn’t a plausible enough excuse for me to have them feel ashamed of their relationship because of why they said they did. At points, ok I got it, but not completely. You know? Well, no you don’t.

Anyway, all that being said I liked this book, and before thinking there’s something wrong with my “standards” I made up my theory of how books are completely subjective, stronger.
Try it out ppl, you may like this Beautiful Bastard!



If you read the comments below, you’ll see Mal informed me that I actually read an  illegally downloaded version of the book, which honestly pisses me off since I lost like 8 hours of my weekend reading it. If I can excuse myself at all I’d say I actually read the book from a friend’s tablet, but I’m sure she doesn’t know about it so I’ll tell her as soon as she wakes up.

Anyways, take that into consideration. I don’t know how similar it is to the original version, nor do I know if it’s  better or worse. I’d take this review out of my blog but I think is important to acknowledge ones mistakes, and though I was oblivious I rather wo-man up and assume it, not hide it.

This is the first time something like this has happened to me and I’m still at lost at how to prevent it. I’m a bit of technology retard, but I do know to distinguish between legal and illegal downloads, or I least I thought so until now. So, I’ll go about looking for ways to preventing this sort of mistake to happening again. 

 Sorry btw, to the authors and to anyone that may feel offended for it. Again, my sincere apologies. 


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

  1. Mal says:

    You’re reading an illegally downloaded version of the “book” which is just the fic someone took and changed two of the character names. The actual book has been redone and there aren’t any CULLENS in it. Seriously go buy the published version and read that instead 😦

    • Oh, that’s so awful!! I actually didn’t buy it at all, I read it from a friend’s tablet. I don’t think I’ll read it again soon though I have tons of test right now. I’ll edit the review tho, and thanks for telling me!

  2. I’d heard this was a rewrite of a twilight fanfic (what isn’t these days?) but the Cullens actually show up? Good lord! Meh ill probably end up reading it just so I can bitch about it 😉 (and probably love it too!)

    • I know! Jajajaja. No, not really “The Cullens” but the author called Bennett’s dad Carlisle, who is married to Esme and have another son called Emmet who’s married to Rosalie.. Not to mention Chloe’s bff is called Alice who is with a guy named Jasper.. And there are even more paralelisms you’ll find if you read it! So I was like x___x

    • You totally should Danielle! Though, if you read the editing I just did to the post you’ll see Mal just informed me I actually read the wrong version. I still haven’t figured out what went wrong, but still, just so you know!!

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