Carter Reed by Tijan

He was rapping her best friend.
In front of her.
Mallory was badly bruised, and had clearly been beated.
He was killing her, she could see.
His family had killed her own brother, so she knew he would kill her too.
There was no other choice..
She grabbed the gun, and killed him first.

She’s alone to deal with the fallout, she’s the only one strong enough, the one who’s responsible..
Until she can’t take it anymore. They’re comming for her, she knows..
Mafia families are that way.

So she turns to her previous saviour..

Carter Reed. Strong, protective, gorgeous, hard and rough but sweet, bossy, trained assassin, rich, yummi perfect alpha at its finest… 

And so we have this book. A hundred events unravel, a bunch of people get killed, a lot of things make your head spin, a couple others make you think twice bout what you believe in.. but what is more important: a hot, made in hell, perfect couple that complement each other, talk about their issues, and make wonderful sexy sex is born!

No brainer, pick it up! 


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