Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

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March 02 to 03, 2013


Ok so before I grabbed this one I actually checked reviews, and I was surprised to see everyone either loved it or hated it. In fact, I relate to almost every rating two of my GR friends give, and each of them had a total different opinion about it. Needless to say, that intrigued me enough to pick it up (not to mention the title, I mean “beautiful bastard”, really? <3<3)

So yesterday I started it, and at first I didn’t like Bennett all that much, I was bothered by the fact that Chloe supposedly hated him but still opened up her legs wide for him, and some other stuffs. However, I was liking where this two characters were going. I was even flushing with the sex, I must admit, and though the whole book did seem like a amateur written porn, I was liking it. Mostly because I was in the mood for exactly this kind of read: all things sex.

We get both Bennett and Chloe’s point of view through the whole book, and even if I liked that at times, it wasn’t necessary all the time.. Though, it did help me to understand her train of thought at specific times I needed it, and to fall for Bennett as he realized (and expressed!!! Yes, kudos to a man who actually speaks his mind and heart) his feelings for her. That being said, it made the book be too long for my liking.

I had a few overall issues. 
*Like the fact that Bennett’s voice wasn’t too believable for me, I mean, what man recognizes he’s feeling 4 different things at once and the reasons behind each, or over-analyzes everything he does, etc?  Maybe it would’ve been better and more real if his POV had been written in the second person instead of the first. 
*At the end it was tooo mushy mawkishness for me. Specially since it somehow came across as if he was more sweet that Chloe. I get girls like their man to be loving, but I have a bigger weakness for badasses who are only so at specific timeless times.. *sigh* -So, no, it may probably work for you but I’m pointing out what did not for me. 
*Also, the breaking point was sooooo silly. It wasn’t a plausible enough excuse for me to have them feel ashamed of their relationship because of why they said they did. At points, ok I got it, but not completely. You know? Well, no you don’t. 

Anyway, all that being said I liked this book, and before thinking there’s something wrong with my “standards” I made up my theory of how books are completely subjective, stronger. 

Try it out ppl, you may like this Beautiful Bastard!