Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey


really liked this book

You’ll see when I have a book with this description I assume I already know what to expect:
Short read,
Immature dramatic insecure leading lady,
Douche guy who really tries, but makes a stupid mistake concerning a model-like girl (this happens when you’re 75% through the book) and you know the rest..
And Boring sex if at all.

Even so, I took a chance and boy am I glad!


So, what the book is about:

You have Kinsley Bryant, a nineteen year old soccer star in the making, who knows what she wants and does all in her power to get it. Namely, at first: the Olympics. Later: Mr Liam Wilder.

My Kinsley

All the hotness that is Liam Wilder:

I know, I know, Jimmy doesnt play the same sport, but do you see that face??

Liam is a soccer star of its own, 25 years of sexy muscle and a really nice personality to go with it; he’s attempting to redeem his public playboy-partyboy image and that’s how he comes to be second coach to the ladies team where Kinsley is.. And needles too say, fireworks spark since the first time they meet..

But there are two things that make their attraction infeasible to work through: they have it prohibited for their coach-student position, and it could lead to both their careers sinking because of the imbecile public opinion.


For someone who wants a soccer career above all else, you see how this is a mighty inconvinient for Kinsley.. Specially since she can’t keep her thoughts or wandering imagination out of everything Liam.. And it seems like he feels the exact same way!

Of course bitches make an appearence, namely the captain of the team: That Tara Bitch. She’s a constant plague.

But thre are also good friends in the picture: Becca and Emily, whose banter and friendship with Kinsley is great! Relatable and funny at the same time. I looved that.

This was longer than I was expecting but it was a nice go for the author since she tried to build up their relationship in a way we were all cheering for them instead of doubting it would work.
And I was a hundred percent supporting that love boat!

I absolutely loved how Kinsley was, how she dealt with the issues thrown her way, how she had an actual head on her shoulders, her silly-funny humor, her principles, how she gave it her all to make the Liam thing work, I really really liked her!

Liam. I mean, Liam Wilder. What can I say? He was equal times a nice guy and an alpha man. Equal parts a cool-spend time talking or partying with guy and a man you can’t keep your tongue and limbs off. He stepped up when it was needed and kept doing right by Kinsley.. I don’t think after reading this bookm there was a single thing more you could ask of him. I Loveed him 

Did I mention this book wasn’t your typical read on an alike theme? Well it isn’t. Though I’m not a fan of the paparazzi- PR issues (a big time non fan, hence the four stars)

I overall really liked this book. It left me with a big smile on my face and many hopes and dreams and sportsy fantasies rekindled. And isn’t that what romance books are about? 🙂
I cant wait to get my hands on another book from this author.

An almost five stars!! ❤❤


Raw by Belle Aurora


>> A lot of cuss words are coming so shut your impressionable eyes if you get offended by it <<

~I’m writing these lines as I just put down this book and I am still crying like a little bitch~ 

Did I know what this book was a bout before picking it up? Yes.
Did reviews warned me about some heart-break part? Yes.
Was I warned it was fucking RAW? YES.
Did I, knowing am a tender soul with a sensible heart stopped myself from reading it? I tried. 
Did I believe it was going to be that bad? NO.
Did I listen to the warnings? NO!
Do I regret it? 


“There’s something about Twitch.
He’s just…raw.
Everything about him is raw. And gritty. And unbound.
He’s a raging fire. And I’m a fragile moth fluttering into the flame.

Sooner or later, I’m going to get burned. I know this.

Will I even survive the heat?”


It starts creepily. Really creepily, but you’ll get over that fast enough. Later is all about Lexi wanting him with all her might..

“What you want me to be…I can’t ever be. It’s not me.” My face turns cold. “I’m the villain in this story.”

Now see, this for me, is the story of how a Sociopath is irrevocablyobsessed-consumed-inlove-inlust with a woman and stalks her.
And how said woman knows about it, and likes it.
A story about how she falls in love with him, and how in his own way, he’s deadly in love too.
A story of love gone wrong

He’s BAD. Simple as that. In every sense of the word, don’t get hopeful. He’s bad in the “he can kill you and smile while washing his hands off your blood” sense. Bad. 
But Oh, So, Fucking, GOOD to/with Lexi.. 
Or at least he tries. At times reluctantly, at times consciously, always heartwarmingly..

She, she’s the epitome of a Good Girl. not that I’m stereotyping her. But, really, she is. A goody-goody. A save-the-kids, end world hunger and universalize single handedly world peace; kind of Gal.
But still she wasn’t a pushover. She wanted Twitch so she did what she needed to do to get him. She demeaned herself some, as much as she lashed out the truth to his face, but mostly she tried and gave it all to him.
I liked her. 
She wanted to save him? Just have him? Just love him? Just understand him?
I don’t think it matters. 

She’s in fucking love with her meanassed Stalker.
The same one who can be so torturously wonderful as he can be a terrifying monster.
The one who won’t let her go.

Not that she minded, she was all in, in that crazy dynamic.. And I was right there with her wanting him.


Except this is NOT a Happy Love Story.

There is constant heartache

  I don't feel alright,in spite of 
these comforting sounds you make.
I don't feel alright because 
you make promises that you break.

You have a guy that’s just broken, damaged without repair

A woman set out by herself for heartbreak


“Love is love. It don’t discriminate. And it sure as fuck don’t wait ‘til you’re ready for it.” Twitch 

HOT Factor you may be wondering?
“Number three, you’re so fucking hot when you get worked up that I would really like for you to suck my cock. And when I say I would really like that, I mean suck my cock, Lexi. Now.” 

Yeah, that’s Twitch. The things they’re into I wasn’t into until I started picturing them with him. 

And so I started getting comfy in between the dysfunction..

But THEN I just knew

I knew it was coming..

And so everything started breaking!

Not that it was easy before but on those last pages, I realized





~I’m now just pouting every 30 seconds by this point, if you were wondering ~

But the truth is, this book is worth it.. I can’t really pinpoint something, is just .. is the most bittersweet feeling… ever to be had while finishing a book.. You are inmensly sad and angry and done with life and love and puppies, but at the same time IT WAS FUCKING WORTH IT.
– That being said by someone who ONLY believes in HEAs, so take that in mind..
So, so worth it!!

Because the ending, is just not what you’re expecting…




Venezuela, el país de los políticos imbéciles

Muy Buenos días a quienes pueden tenerlo a sabiendas de que en la calle están asesinando a sus hermanos venezolanos.

Yo personalmente soy persona de ser o muy concreta o muy extensa, y en este momento de tanta parafrasearía considero oportuno ir al grano y tocar un punto clave que se continúa obviando en estas conferencias de “diálogo” (les cuento que dar charlas y monólogos, no es diálogo). En fin…

Esta carta abierta va dirigida a los politicoides que presiden mi país. Presidente, ministros, gobernadores, alcaldes y demás burócratas cuya administración continúa faltándole el respeto a su gente con sus gestiones sumamente deficientes.

Quiero aclararles a los sentados cómodamente que vemos en tv nacional “debatir” aspectos muy graves, con una seriedad que raya en burla por parecer más actuación que sentimiento o por ser muy cómodas en término y muy etéreas en profundidad; unas cuantas cositas. Les explico políticos, ustedes no son Venezuela, ustedes son un grupo pequeño de asalariados a quienes les corresponde velar por que las exigencias de más de 29 millones de habitantes sean cubiertas. A nosotros, ustedes y sus desacuerdos retórico-idealistas no nos importan, pero a ustedes por deber y honor al cargo tiene que importarles en primera instancia nuestras necesidades y comodidades.

Sentarse bien tranquilos a hablar de “los problemas” es muy fácil con aire acondicionado y la seguridad de un sueldo quince y último. Ustedes con su necesidad de ser vistos y reconocidos, de ser protagonistas de novela y no mandatarios respetables, convirtieron un problema muy delicado, trascendental y urgente en una pelea de egos y carteras. Parece importar más quién tiene mayor material para hundir al otro, que resolver los problemas que nos atañen. O peor, sentarse con la cara bien lavada a decir que “todo está bien” cuando tu gente no sale sola después de las 7pm ni a la panadería por miedo a que los maten. El “diálogo” no es entre corbatudos en una sala cerrada, el diálogo se hace en la calle, porque es en la calle que pasamos el día a día, y somos la gente en la calle quienes los escogimos y a quienes ustedes se deben, no al revés.

En este punto mi crítica es para los dos bandos, sí, indudablemente andan jugando al yo-yo con la vida de millones de venezolanos desesperados por soluciones y no por seguir escuchando más y más problemas. Pero primordialmente en este punto responsabilizo categóricamente al gobierno de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, en su vasta mayoría “rojito” por escogencia propia, defensores incansables y fanáticos del difunto ex presidente Hugo Chávez. Ustedes con su famosa mayoría en la Asamblea y mayoría histórica por más de 13 años en ejercicio, han traído al país en donde está ahora. Las responsabilidades de todo lo que las personas de a pie no tenemos control, fue, es y sigue siendo suya. Sus discursos redundantes donde constantemente se omiten realidades son una vergüenza pública para millones dentro y fuera del país. Su constante ansia por responsabilizar a cualquiera hace 20 años o en otro planeta, con tal de nunca asumir las culpas propias, es una falta de honor humillante para quienes en ustedes han depositado su confianza.

Y por cierto, sincerarse no es sino la mitad del primer paso, nadie come ni se cura con la admisión pública de una falta. En nuestros hospitales no hay ni gasa, en muchas casas falta el pan, y ustedes bien vestidos y cepilladitos, bien comidos y descansados, parecen haberse olvidado en sus “diálogos” de incluirnos a los que somos real mayoría y sin embargo no tenemos voz, y por sobretodo, se han olvidado de tratar y resolver los problemas reales del venezolano de a pie. Por cierto, de a pie, no “pata en el suelo”, señor Nicolás Maduro; los venezolanos vestidos del color que sea y hablando machucado o siseando, todos nos paramos bien tempranito, golpe de 5 ’e la mañana y pateamos calle duro para echar pa’ lante, compadre, porque mientras ustedes parecen ingeniárselas para ponérnosla cada vez más difícil, uno sigue buscando maneras de rebuscarse.

 Esta no es una rivalidad de taxistas contra buhoneros, de cocineros contra maestros o de obreros contra gerentes, esta es una lucha del pueblo contra sus dirigentes, contra un gobierno que hace lo que critica, que no hace lo que promete, que se olvida y no reconoce, que no resuelve sino que causa más problemas.

Y a la dirigencia opositora se le olvidó esto. Los políticos opositores, relajados o amenazados, cobardes o arriesgados, siguen retozando en el juego de los yo-yos y no están luchando ni por todos por igual ni por su gente ni por nadie más que no sea los que le convienen en el momento. Uno se siente desamparado. Como que quienes nos lideran son guate-mala y guate-peor, como que toditos ustedes cenan asado en casa de Diosdado y en público van y juegan a mirarse feo. Y no es más que responsabilidad de ustedes mismos, por Dios, basta de lloriqueos. Si usted critica la hipocresía no sea hipócrita, si critica la corrupción no sea corrupto, y si critica la maldad no ignore a los muchachos que confiados en su apoyo salieron a protestar cívicamente y fueron asesinados por bandos no identificados por la justicia venezolana (así como los más de 24 mil matados en 2013) o fueron arrestados con maltratos por parte de funcionarios del Estado. ¿A qué le van los dirigentes de los opositores? ¿Qué quieren lograr? ¿Por quienes luchan ustedes? ¿Son en verdad dignos de representar a un bando tan dilatado pero segmentado? ¿O son ustedes otro tipo de rojitos en busca del poder y el re-nombre sin ganas de asumir responsabilidades y renuentes a pagar penalizaciones por sus faltas?

“Venezuela, el país de lo posible” dicho en el tono más lóbrego. “Estás en Venezuela, haz lo que te dé la gana” dicho del modo más mordaz. ¡BASTA! Estamos hastiados de que nuestro país sea una burla, de que nuestras madres tengan que decir llorosas “al menos no me lo mataron” o el terrible “nadie sabe qué pasó con mi hijo”. No ganamos ni la mitad de lo que sale un buen mercado, y si uno se pone a buscar las cosas que no hay y hacer esas colas pierde uno o dos días de trabajo. No es justo. Parece casi hasta irreal cuando uno se pone a echar cuentos de lo que nos pasa cada día en las ciudades y pueblos de este país, una vez sumamente hermoso. Hoy no sabría decirles qué tan hermoso está mi país, porque se nos dañó el carro y no conseguimos repuestos o sale demasiado caro;  si me voy en bus nos puede pasar como a mi tía a quienes en la vía a Mérida los desvalijaron a todos los pasajeros; porque cuando fui a la playa con mi novio presenciamos mataron a un chamo y los policías cerca no hicieron nada; porque la última vez que fui a lo Medanos le abrieron el carro a mi primo y le llevaron todo; porque en Venezuela solían sobrar las historias de luchadores que logran vivir mejor pero hoy en día todos los cuentos son para echarse a llorar por el desasosiego, a menos que sean los cuentos de esos allegados que uno sabe que están robando y tiene sus buenas camionetas y casita en Tucacas. ¿A dónde va parar nuestro país si sus habitantes continúan dejando la moral en la puerta de casa con la excusa de que “necesitan comer”?

Estamos cansados de ser presididos por imbéciles, mentirosos y cara lavada, por cómodos propagadores de la descomposición socio-cultural, por yo-istas ineficientes, retóricos balurdos; y sobre todo, estamos hastiados y asqueados de seguir siendo presididos por personas que son capaces de sentarse de manera muy oportuna a “debatir” mientras en gestión se sigue haciendo lo mismo y peor. Porque nuestros políticos se encargan de quebrar aún más nuestra débil cultura y principios, mientras uno sufre para dormirse con la conciencia pesada y aún los bolsillos vacíos.

Problema multi-causal, poli-consecuencial, arraigado en la historia, llámelo como lo quiera llamar, el punto es que hay un problema y en estos “debates” no se está solucionando nada. El hampa sigue trabajando 24/7, el sueldo cada quince alcanza para menos, las medicinas me están costando un ojo de la cara y en el colegio le quieren enseñar a mi chamo que la maldad es justificada si tu nombre es Ernesto Guevara.


Elianne Ferrer.

Harta. Una vez más.

Hoy me dijeron, ante mi acusación de que hubo más de 24 mil asesinatos en 2013 en Venezuela y el margen de impunidad es casi 100%, que, y cito: “El gobierno hace lo que puede” 
Cuando tu mamá llore que te mataron por robarte, y que la poli le dijo que ellos “no pueden hacer nada”, por favor, asegúrate de dejar a alguien que le diga a tu mamá, a tus hermanos, a tu papá y a tu pareja, que “El Gobierno hace lo que puede”.

Me llenan de demasiado atraso espiritual, fanáticos gaznápiros, culpables de la situación por su apoyo irracional a tanto mal. 
¿Hasta cuándo tanta ignorancia voluntaria?
Harta. Estoy demasiado hastiada de tanta gente empeñada en un sistema que solo trae desgracias, y que de paso uno tenga que ser espectador en primera fila del tren estrellándose.

¿Uno que hace? Intenta tomarlo “rela”, y salir a delante, ayudar en lo que se pueda. Pero viene gente, y digo gente porque no tengo otro término para describir a seres subnormales sin un ápice notable de humanidad, que me pintan un país que NO VEO cuando el motorizado se está pasando la pistola de un lado del jean al otro con el policía viéndolo desde el carro de al lado. Que NO VEO cuando en el Hospital los de emergencia están en el piso con cartón de cama y su misero sueldo de apoyo para comprar por sí mismo los medicamentos. Que NO VEO cuando la señora del supermercado con sus dos bebés en el coche quería comprar 4 leches y no la dejaron. Que NO VEO cuando escucho hablar al imbécil bigotudo que preside mi país, quien me dice que los mismos tipos que me han matado gente garantizan la paz de la nación.

Mámense una caravana de espárragos.

Love. Sex. Repeat. by Alessandra Torre

This is the story of a free minded woman, a woman who loves sex because it feels good and doesn’t have the same morals as most.. A woman who has two men in her life. Two men she Fucks. Loves. And repeat.
“And that is how it is. I fuck Stewart, I fuck Paul, and they both know about it. And the more I fuck one (…) the more competitive, aggressive, loving, they become. It is a constant, whirling sea of sex. I love it, and they love it.”

It wasn’t easy for me. I have a strict code of morals very different to the one Maddison so carefreely enjoys. But there is a point in every book where you don’t agree with the leading character, or things that happen are just too out of your comfort zone, that you have to decide. You get to say “Screw this, it isn’t worth the knot in my stomach” or you get to say “Oh, eff my morals, let’s see how this goes”.
At the fear of being obvious I won’t point out which one I chose this time..
And, anyway, the bottom of it is…

“I understand that you hate me. That you curse me for my greed. But if I am okay with it, and they are okay with it, how is it anyone else’s right to judge?”

So see, she is with two types of men: Stewart, the business guy; the one who’s first priority is work, and also his first love is work, and almost the only thing he does is, well, work. Paul on the other hand, is a surfer; a lay down guy, the one who is always there, who loves Maddison even more than he loves the sea.

“Their love. Paul loves me with unconditional warmth, his affection public and obvious, his arms pulling me into his warmth, his mouth littering my body with frequent kisses. Stewart loves me with a tiger’s intensity, his need taking my breath away, his confidence in our relationship strong enough to not be bothered by the presence of another man. He stares into my soul as if he owns it, and shows his love with money, sex, and rare moments of time.”

In fact, they are so different that it is Stewart who proposes her to have another boyfriend to keep her cherished, Paul, well..

“While Stewart wants me to have a second man to keep me off the streets, to keep me from being lonely, to keep me in his life – Paul accepts that I have a second man because it was what he signed up for. And now, as in the beginning, he’d rather have half of me than none of me.”

“I get that you don’t understand. That you wonder how someone could possibly be aroused, turned on by the thought of something so forbidden. But often, it is the forbidden that is the hottest, and the depraved that is the most arousing.”

You get to live the beginning of this story with flashbacks, and understand a little better what goes on with Maddison’s head, as well. You get to live their agreement. You get to experience this sort-of threesome. You get to fall or hate Stewart or Paul. You get to be Maddison at some point, because the writing floats away so smoothly you don’t even realize, she sucked you in.

But you also know it isn’t going to last forever. How can it possibly? There is the ever present question of, who will she choose? What would be the circumstance? Will they meet? Would she be able to keep them both?

“Life is too unpredictable to plan for that. What I do know, as I watch this beautiful man sleep, his face relaxed and body still, is that I love him. Just as much as I love Paul. And that, one day, will be a problem.”

This author’s writing style is pretty good. Everything just happens and you keep going. And you get the perfect amount of information about everything, the exact amount needed to understand, connect and enjoy without getting too overwhelmed, sick or mad. She is so good writing that you almost don’t care so much for the life they live, you (almost) feel like it isn’t all that bad. You may even get turned on about it (hey, it didn’t happen to me but many people did love it).

What I have failed to mention is the woman watching it all from afar. The other woman who holds both Stewart and Paul closely to her heart. The one who discovers their secret. The one who hates Maddison. The woman who will bring with her The Biggest TWIST!

There are several of those, actually. You get to choose which one is bigger. There aren’t big jumps of the heart, but you definitely will be sitting up tenser.

To be fair, and to keep it real, I have to say this was a solid four out of five stars for me. You may rest in peace, this ends with a HEA that works for everyone. At least I think so. But I had the misfortune of reading the Epilogue. I have to say, it left me with a queasy stomach. Did not like. Three stars.

I have a feeling Alessandra Torre likes to play the Bitch. Likes to be questioned and judged.
Good thing with her book at least, it all worked out for the better.


daily dose of optimism

daily dose of optimism

I woke up today to the sound of detonations and the smell of smoke. My city is raging over the loss of over 23.000 killed last year with impunity in my country. Not to mention the water cuts, electricity cuts, the sporadic loss of bread, milk, butter, flour, oil, and others; not to mention our monthly salaries are half of what’s needed just to make a monthly grocery shopping…
Is all chaos, problems, issues, death ends; but in between, I gotta look up and thank Heavens at least
The Sky is Still Blue.

Hope against hope..