Good by S. Walden

4/5 starts for me.

I know. I really know I shouldn’t give it four stars but let me explain myself.

I only read one review before going in, it dissed the whole book as being completely inappropiate, and I have to agree. Starting this book I was even like “ok, let’s just mark this as cnf” but I kept at it, and well,
It ended up being the right kind of inappropiate.

See, this is the kind of book you shouldn’t read when you are young but would love if you did; the kind you can read when your older but will hate because, well, you know better.

Let me tell you I’m really open minded; even so, I still can’t grap my head around 30something men with ten year old girls only two centuries ago, though. I’m BIG (huge) against Pedophilia, mostly because I don’t think such young children have the maturity to decide if they are in fact willing to commit emotionally and sexually to other people, especially older, more experienced ones; and those old people who try are taking advantage. Simple as that.

Even so, also, this is one of the most recurent fantasies among society, believe it or not. Being with older men or women and in some cases, being with younger girls or boys. (Second one, yuck, JS! NONONONO.) But moving on.

Now, this story will make you question such facts so don’t go all prude on me. It is not the kind of book that will rip your soul apart or make you major in psychology just from how deep it was. It is not. But some way or another it’ll make you question yourself “do you think this is appropiate” , “is what he’s doing so wrong?” , “is she a victim or is she mature enough to decide for herself?” et cetera.

You should def not read it if your moral code is too uptight, just warning you. It isn’t as explicit as an erotic novel, but there is sex and there is a relationship between a 28 year old guy and a 17 year old girl going on through the whole book. So, if you gonna puke or sue, don’t read it.

Now, for those of you who don’t mind, or are trying to understand this sort of beheavior, hell, maybe you just wanna see if it is even so wrong in this case, then definitely buy the book. I was the last two, and I was not disappointed.

I wasn’t a fan at first, but along the way I made a few decission you should know about, maybe they’ll help you understand why the 4 stars:

First: I was gonna do something that’s hard for me since I invest myself a lot emotionally in my readings, but I was gonna try and view this in the most literature-listic-ly way possible..
Secondly: I tried to zone in to my fifteen year old – twilight lover – self, and channel in my hot professor – in high school- fantasies (it was hard, I had none growing up and was always disgusted by them because well they were all really old and yuck. But I push through)
And Thirdly and most importantly: Really early, with my deep respects for the author, I realized this guy was so totally not 28. I mean, when you read it you’ll notice. He’s like a centered and professional and slightly urban-geeky 22 year old. One who is so totally made up by a mind the likes of a fifteen-twilight-lover year old, it just eliminated all kind of fear of him being a threat for me.
So I was cool with it.
Yeah, is not ideal. She was a minor, and in the eyes of many of you that automatially makes it wrong, but c’mmon, were you ever seventeen? Exactly.

So I was okey with it. I mean, yeah she was a bit (lot) of an easy mark because she was vulnerable and in deep need of love and attention. Do I think it was bad of him giving it to her? Read the story and you tell me. Do I think at some points he did use the experience advantge to push her? Read the story, and you tell me. Do I think overall because of the way the story was made out to be they just worked? Please read the story and let me know.

Anyways, I’m on to the next one, please don’t puke or sue me.


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