Quality in education, people.

This is the god’s honest truth right here.
And if you even think to say he was “disrespectful” to the teacher, then listen again at how incredibly disrespectful that teacher is, not only or the way she acted here but for the things she did to lead that guy to lose it. Or is it that just sitting ’round and handing out notes is all you gotta do as a teacher? Mi mom is a teacher and I’ve grown up seeing as she loses sleep, patience and a little bit of sanity while caring and trying to help out each one of her students. Because she loves what she does, and she cares. Aren’t all teacher supposed to be there cause they like to freaking teach?? Why would you even go to college to become a teacher if you can’t stand students, paperwork, and actually t-e-a-c-h-i-n-g. It just pisses me off. I’m not saying all teachers are the same clueless, uninterested jackasses, but I’ve had some and know are a lot more out there, who just frustrate their students, disappoint them, and subconsciously make them care less and less about school, education, and even career wise. No, I’m not saying all students are little angels who deserve the world handed to them, but surely all deserve the chance to have a teacher who reaches their heart and make them actually want to be better and learn. I’ve had them, so I know its not impossible. I’ve had teachers who are so good, even the kids who failed loved them; because they recognize the fault was in themselves and not the guy who boosted his balls to teach them properly and nicely.
For me is not even about knowledge. Yeah, the guy could have worked at NASA, but what if he just sits around and passes a badly made power point presentation and doesn’t even bother to explain it, nor read it out loud, not even wait a little for you to finish reading, and so on!! To me, is about the way they teach, them wanting to make you a more cultured person, they trying hard and not giving up on the students, they *wanting* to teach.
No, I’m not saying is all hearts an flowers. I know all about the paychecks, but believe me, if they loved what they did, it wouldn’t be so awful cause they would enjoy it.
Why is private education so much better? Because they just fire whoever is not doing their job right, because they get paid better, because they have better resources? I believe, as all of us do, that the problem is the system. If public education is failing, what could the government do to make it better? Is easy and yet so “unthinkable” for them. Make teaching a high profile career, not one you study if you couldn’t get into another university, but one people look forward to study. How many people have we heard saying they would have liked to teach but they didn’t want to “starve”? Which is true, is too badly paid, so the salaries are obviously an issue too. And finally, give everything you can to a qualified teacher and if he doesn’t reach the proper standard, out with him. Done. You don’t waste any more public money, don’t waste the teachers time but make him go back and do something they’re actually good for, and don’t waste precious student time. Which obviously doesn’t come back, as neither does the nation’s future.

I apologize for grammar and composition mistakes, my first language is Spanish.
I was just gonna post the vid, but got excited in the process and ranted a bit as well. I know nothing is as easy as talking about it, but looking for ways to improve definitely helps. If you disagree with me, feel free to write to me and we can discuss, but I ask you to please avoid being coarse or insulting. Let’s respect everyone’s opinion, key? xo