My favorite sweet playlist

This is an all things chill kind of playlist.  I made it half a year ago but I’ve added a few new songs . Still, it does’n have many recent ones, nor does it have any from before the XXI century; thought I should tell you from the start.

I can listen to it while I’m on the road, studying or even reading a book. I’ve listen to it while I’m in the shower and while in bed waiting for sleep to come. It has songs with some rhythm, but for the most part they’re all pretty much the same: slow, romantic, relaxed, blue-clear-skies-above beautiful songs. Most of them stand alones.

I often listen to it on Random, actually I always do, so I never care much about putting them in an specific order on a way that makes you transition from one to another in a smooth way. I like it better randomly and not knowing what’ll come next, but knowing at the same time I’ll like it. So they’re plastered here as my phone has them “organized”, but know they don’t have any order.

Well, here it is hope you like it:


Hello World by Lady Antebellum

Blue Bird by Sara Bareilles

Unsaid by The Fray

Add it Up by Andrew Belle

Sand in My Shoes by Dido

All This Time by One Republic

Send Me The Moon by Sara Bareilles

Christmas Lights by Coldplay

She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5

Crystal Ball by Pink

Coffee and Cigarettes by Augustana

Misguided Ghosts by Paramore

Marry Me by Train

She Is Love  (acoustic) by Parachute

The Last Time by Taylor Swift feat Gary Lightbody

The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert

Jacksonville by Brandon Flowers

Torn by Natalie Imbruglia

Use Somebody acoustic cover by Paramore

Whoever She Is by The Maine

The Light bySara Bareilles

Shadow Of The Day by Linkin Park

Please Shone by We Shot The Moon

Say by John Mayer

Turn Right by Jonas Brothers

I Will Be by Avril Lavigne

Glitter In The Air by Pink

100 suns by 30 Seconds To Mars

Shine On by James Blunt

23 by Jimmy Eat world

4 In The Morning by Gwen Stefani

5 Years Time by Noah And The Whale

A Dustland Fairytale by The Killers

Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles

Dear Katie by James Blunt

Alibi by 30 Seconds To Mars

Boots by The Killers

Crossfire by Brandon Flowers

Not Like The Movies by Katy Perry

Heaven Forbid by The Fray

The Reason by Hoobastank

This Isn’t Everything You Are by Snow Patrol

Broken by Lifehouse

Tired by Adele

Goodnight Goodnight by Maroon 5

The Christmas Song by Owl City

You Oughta Know by Alanis Morrisette

Foolish by Good Charlotte

Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum

Iridescent by Linkin Park

No Light by Florence And The Machine

New Morning by Alpha New

Good Enough by Lifehouse

Never Gone by Backstreet Boys

Brick by Brick by Train

You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol

Lost And Found by Katie Herzig

Siberia by Backstreet Boys

Days Go By by Jason Wade

Take Care cover by Florence And The Machine

Between You And I by Every Avenue

May You Never by snow Patrol

Hi And Low by The Wanted

It is What It Is by Lifehouse

Looking For You Again by Matthew Perry

You’re Missing by Jason Walker

U.N.I. by Ed Sheeran

Anywhere by Amy Lee and Ben Moody

I’m Yours by The Script

I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

Oh Can You See by Lana Del Rey

Found by Phillip Larue

Get To You by James Morrison

Hundred Years by Christina Perry

The President by Snow Patrol

Little Things acapella version by One Direction

The Garden Rules by Snow Patrol


Wanna recommend me some others?


Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

Edited because I had to “moderate it”. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Oh my effing god.
That’s the only thing that comes into my mind as I’m thinking ‘bout how to review this book.
Oh My effing God.

This story, almost every aspect of it, goes against every moral principle I believe I possess. I cannot even begin to name for you how many things are flat-out awfully wrong in it. It’s sick, it is twisted, it is heartbreaking, it’s mind effing, it is impossible to put down. Oh, and it is coarse, vulgar, and probably more than 40% of it is cussing.
I spent half this angsty book crying and the other one bewildered, mostly both at the same time. I also got angry, sobbing-sad, confused, disconcerted, and all through it I was hoping so, so hard on a happy ending for this two, I barely even have the energy to go to sleep now.
I kid you not, I don’t know how I ended up loving it because it is not a pretty story and Eva said so right from the start, believe her ladies and gentlemen “it is downright ugly”. It’s dark. I’m sorry I’m just a bit frazzled and head and feelings all over the place right now, I even think my spirit took off a while ago. The definition I’m looking for this book might be Intense. But it does not cut it, doesn’t even begin to. So if my review is a bit all over the place, you read it and then try to make a coherent review.
You have Eva, sweet strong-headed biker gang princess. And Duce, bad-ass ass-whole, the epitome on everything you should not want in a man, except he kind of is since he, in his own way, loved Eva all along. But it had so many issues bothering me, starting with the cheating; I can take verbal slaps –until a certain point- but cheating in my face? Uh, uh. Around me? Nei, nei. Cheating on me while you bitch slap me verbally and show no love unless you’re fucking me which is every four years or so? Do not think so. But ok, I have strong issues against cheating and you may not, so I’ll tell you a bit more about it: if you’re thinking about reading this book, try grasping inside your head right from about now, it contains rape, drugs, blood, cold-hearted decisions, calling every woman a b-tch, scenes that’ll make your blood evaporate thinking what you’d do had that been happening to you.
But there’s the catch. Exactly there. This is not my world, or your world we are talking about. This is their world. The one we were introduced at from the very beginning, but if you’re anything like me, did not pay much attention, only thought it was intense and ugly and moved on, I’m telling you right now: You should not. You should not forget this is a world with a bunch -miles long- lot of codes far different from our own –at least mine’s-.So I ended up copping, I understood Eva was on the same page as Duce, and all the other people around, therefore it was kind of alright. Me? I was freaking out, but, whatever.
You have pretty much every dark aspect you can put on a book and still being able to mark it as romance. And I’m talking, hair thin line here.
Still I gave it five stars on Goodreads, and you’ll be wondering why since I’ve probably read about 200 Harlequin books, am a die hard romance lover, HEA sucker, hearts and flowers and pink and though alphas also sweet love. Well, I have absolutely no freaking clue as to the exact reason, but when you end up so emotionally spent but got to have your HEA (Sorry if that spoils it for you, if it were me I’d need that hope to hold on to, to get through this book), you lost precious hours of sleep willingly just ‘cause you could absolutely not put it down, lived this awfully soul wrecking of a path and even so it still left you this tiny beautiful feeling that makes you believe it will all be alright, then the book and the story and the author and the hours you spent deserve fucking 5 stars. Not sure I’ll be coming close to another one of Madeline’s book any time soon though.
Night. And, OMFG.

Creed by Kristen Ashley

Sylvie and Creed share a past both beautiful and incredibly hurtful. They loved each other to no end but were, by horrible circumstances, torn irrevocably apart. Until now, when Creed finds her and all the deep emotions she had buried surface again, and together they give us an emotional yet steamy story.
I really, really, liked this one. I’m a sucker for meant to be souls (not much the hurting parts, but there’s always some of that) who have been together since kids and find a way to be together while adults.
Creed was definitely much more likable than Knight for me. I didn’t have as many issues with him as I had with Sebring. BUT! Let me tell you I was even thinking on lowing a star to the first book in this series until I read this book. OMG did I fall in love with Knight! Hard. Supremely hard. After you read it you’ll get where I’m coming from.
So anyways, to every alpha male starved out there, strong heroine lover, and steamy emotional reads sucker, Creed is definitely the book for you!

Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

I’m sorry, but this book did not work for me. It could have been great, but I found it quite boring.
But I do believe it is due strictly to personal preferences and not because of the book in it self.

You’ll see, I don’t have a problem with classics, in fact, I’m quite a Jane Austen lover, but there are so many freaking mentions and talks and conversations and name-callings, referring to Dante’s works, that it exhausted me. And it may not be that, as much as the fact that the book is somewhat of an adaptation of classicals in modern life. I mean, the author tried to make a modern story in which old courtship and love’s perceptions were portrayed, and it could have been good, but it did not work for me at all. It seemed forced and silly to behave and talk as Julia and Gabriel did most of the time, the dialogues were simply enough-talking-and-do-people! for me. It even got to the point where they talked so much it cut off the passion; Gabriel’s restraint unfortunately left me cold, not admiring his strength ’cause he was holding out for J. Also there’s the fact that the book goes on forever and I can understand that since most books from old literature are quite large, but it wouldn’t have hurt anyone if it was cut 90 pages or so short, since it is actually a 2011 book.

Nevertheless, I has to be said that I give kudos to the author for writing it since it clearly took a lot of time to make the characters believable (it makes you think you’re really reading about two experts on DAlighieri ). Also, it is one of those books that gives you tons of info into things you may have not known and can dig up, or music to listen to, books and stories to read, even places to visit and food to try out. And I Adore that, so thanks!

Unfortunately though, it didn’t make up for the fact that I failed to feel passion between the two main characters and I needed that. I felt their bond and mutual attraction for one another’s soul, but not really love. Do I even make sense? Maybe it had to do with the fact that they idealized the other too much and I like all things real -and passionate. Idk…

Oh! And Julianne’s innocence or whatever, the girl is freaking feather-light/glass-thin/rose-petal breakable. GOD! Grow a pair already woman. I don’t mind delicate heroines, but she was a bit of an extreme.

***Hmm, following may or may not contain spoilers.***

I want to approach too, the fact that Gabriel is a total ass and deserved to be punched twice in the head with a spoon, in the beginning of the book. And then all of the sudden she tells him she is wow! Beatrice (who she is not) and he, kaboom! sees the light with all and the choir and lights at the top of the church. Like what? I can’t believe that! I admit I have a weakness for bad boy turned good, but c’mmon the guy changes utterly and completely from one hour to the other all for the idealization he has on a girl who resembles the one who lived ages ago and who was Dante’s muse. And then he is so, so, so overly “sweet” and attentive that, christ! are you serious? I mean, … It just did not work for me. Period.

BUUT I strongly recommend everyone to read it and get their own impressions on this. Here’s only my point of view, you should read it to have your own.

Leave me breathless by Cherrie Lynn

I loved this one! What a great surprise!
I didn’t like Rock Me all that much, so when I picked this one up I did it trying to see if it was Cherrie Lynn or that book. And it was definitely the latter! You can check my review on that one to understand, but bottom line is I hate it when you hear so many good things about a book and get you hopes up and then it doesn’t live up to our expectations. Well, it didn’t happen with this one (though I did my best to avoid reading too many reviews praising it), at all.

The story line is somewhat the same: good girl falls for tattooed -hot, smoking sexy- guy. Prejudices come and misunderstandings -mostly self doubt-, only that in this one the issues seemed quite rational to me and the guys actually talked them out; I felt even if there were some things that could have been better approached it all came together quite nicely when the time was right as the whole thing developed.

All in all it had loveable somewhat relatable characters, great sex, gave me tears and laughter, made me dream with a sweet, hooot, -bad?- guy like Seth who is btw, not at all what you’d expect but yet he kind of is (gotta read it to understand me) but still he’ll grow big inside of your heart. Oh, I just loved him!!

It’s not a super light read nor is it a long intense one, it was just the thing I needed today. Not too superficial, not too angsty, not too mushy, not too overly sexual. I even noticed I enjoyed her writing, not too much description, not too much dialogue, good varying scenes. I don’t know, maybe I was just in the right mood but it all clicked big time with me.

Ooh, did I mentioned the’re hot together? Like HOT as in getting you hot as well? God how I needed passion after Gabriel’s -and my- Inferno!

Recommend it ten times to all you lovers of hot, good, modern, smokin’, cool, sexy, funny, great, romance stories. It definitely, at the risk of sounding totally lame, leaves you breathless!!